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Smallest surviving premature baby Saybie

Thirty-nine to forty weeks is the normal gestation time for full-term babies. Pre-term, also known as premature or preemie, babies are born prior to 37 weeks. Miraculously, a baby was born at 23 weeks and recently released from the hospital in San Diego, CA, USA. Saybie is her name. 

Not even a pound, Saybie was born at 1/2 a pound in 2018. A neonatal nurse for Sharp Hospital, stated that Saybie weighed the same amount as an unborn baby would normally weigh in the womb at around 22-24 weeks. She was so small that you could barely see her in her incubator. She was so small that she could be held in just one hand. 

The mother had to undergo an emergency C-section due to a medical event threatening her life. Her BP raised tremendously during pregnancy and then dropped to a low BP causing harm to other organs. This put Saybie’s life in danger as well. Both lives were at stake and immediate surgery was a must. Thankfully, both survived; however, not without ALS being completed by Dr. Wozniak and his team. It has been said that this was the most frightening event, ever, for the family and some staff. Professionals in the field of premature babies worked closely together and around the clock to provide care and support to the baby.

Visitors were not allowed and the family could only spend short times with the baby. Saybie was not expected to live. The doctors explained that Saybie would not live long. The mother and father stood by, hours, days, weeks, and months, waiting for the heartbreaking news. They clutched to hope for life, every day, for their baby. Surprisingly, each day the expected time of death decreased. Eventually, a couple of expected hours turned to weeks. Those weeks turned to months. Five months to be exact. From the start, Saybie was underweight. Yet, she was a fighter and a survivor. With the comprehensive knowledge of the team providing care to the family hoping and praying, Saybie gained 4 and 1/2lbs before going home. Coincidently, 5 months and 5lbs. What a spectacular miracle. 

It is highly uncommon that premature babies, such as Saybie, have no immediate medical events. Majority of premature infants suffer from cardiac, respiratory, and neurological problems. Other than arriving weeks earlier than her expected arrival time, Saybie had zero medical problems. Many physicians agree that her lack of medical problems helped her to live.

The birth and survival alone was astonishing. However, a new record has just been set. The new record goes beyond the United States. This new record has been recorded as a new world record. According to researchers in Iowa, Baby Saybie is the smallest baby ever to have been born and survived. A log is kept at the university there that keeps a list and information of all premature babies in the world. With the help and hope from the hospital staff and the family, Saybie is now at the top of that list.

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