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“Puppy Mining Activity” – Rescue Operation Of 10 Dogs Near Dump North Of Winnipeg!

In the nocturnal hours of Friday, adjacent to the north junkyard of Winnipeg, a family of puppies was saved from a hole in the ground that was later seen merrily appreciating their better beginning of life.

Volunteers of the Manitoba Underdogs Rescue team were contacted with confirmed news that some young puppies were seen around the dump. The entire team was out of the city returning, the sterilized and spayed dogs to their respective homes. These dogs were approximately 2 hours away from their current location.

The foster controller of the rescue mission, Meg Norton, said that they saw puppies barging into the bush adjacent to the dump. On following these puppies, they were directly headed to the burrow – the birthplace of the dogs.

Initially, Meg assumed to be around four puppies in the den. But as she and her team members advanced to pull out the puppies, the number went on increasing to an astonishing 10.

Norton, mentioning her experience during the rescue, said that within no time, they realized that the number of puppies is not limited to four. Unfortunately, they were not able to reach those pups. Though the team was able to see the puppies crowded together behind the den, they were helpless as the puppies were out of their reach.

In due course, the members decided to dig the nearby area and get access to the puppies. But they were deterred by obstacles like tree roots. The rest of the members lit up the nearby area with their mobile phone flashlights for better visibility.

Meg further said they were digging for around a couple of hours until they made a big hole to pull the pups out. The entire team was struggling not only from the front of the den but also back of the den to delicately force the puppies out and pulling them. Meg further said that more and more puppies were coming out.

Hilariously she said, “Just one pup more, and to our astonishment – as if more and more clowns were coming out of the car – the puppies line was unending”

Meg personified their names similar to gemstones as – Coal, Topaz, Amethyst, Amber, and Garnet. She felt that these puppies were rescued from a mine.

“Gentle Giant”:

The team was accompanied by a “Gentle Giant” – one stray dog seen by the Manitoba volunteers at the dump. They named him Baron, who kept a diligent watch on the entire activity.

She further mentioned that the entire team members heard other dogs and coyotes howling at a distant place, but this Gentle Giant would get up and give a low growl and keeping pests away from the volunteers. Once done, he would re-join the members. Very obediently, Baron would sit with the member who has taken a break from digging.

Meg further added with emotion that she felt like they were in a situation wherein a movie screenplay is written!

Ms. Norton confirmed that the puppies’ mother was not ready to leave the dump, so the team members will positively return and attempt to take her back, along with the other dogs – sterilize them to control their population – for their safety.

All the dogs will be put forward for adoption as soon as they are cleared by a vet.

Ms. Meg said that because of the recent pandemic, Manitoba Underdogs Rescue has excess members.

In one more incident, at Maple Grove Park, Bombers player helped one woman rescue a dog by freeing its head from a peanut butter jar. In normal circumstances, their team visits various societies to offer sterilization and spaying services. But due to lockdown and movement constraints, it was not possible.

These restrictions will lead to an increase in dogs’ birth rates.

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