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Little Isla McManus, aged 8, LGBTQ+ Belfast Pride’s New Superstar!

Little Isla McManus, aged 8-years-old, from Belfast, Northern Ireland went viral after her amazing rendition of “Dance Monkey” at LGBTQ+ Pride in Belfast on Saturday 31st July 2021. Isla was at her aunt’s house for a few hours celebrating LGBTQ+ Pride when her mum arrived just in time to hear the announcer say, “I have a little girl here that would like to sing Dance Monkey.” Alana, Isla’s proud mom, knew immediately it was her daughter and rushed to film it.

With the voice of an angel, Isla stood in front of a large group of people and belted out Dance Monkey from start to finish, with a huge smile on her face. The group donated a $20 tip to Isla following her amazing performance, her mom explained Isla has decided to keep it safe in her piggy bank instead of spending it, smart!

Little Isla is Autistic and uses music as a form of calming her down and will often make up her own songs and sing them to describe her experiences throughout the day. She usually sings to her mom, younger sibling, dad and family. It’s been a long journey for Isla and her family, and there have been struggles with Isla’s diagnosis, but Isla and her proud mom, Alana, take it in their strides. Isla is an amazing big sister and dotes on her little brother, often singing songs to him and other family members, Alana’s mom told Cool FM’s, Stuart Robinson. Isla has always been a special little girl, and prefers to sing her own songs than covers, but isn’t afraid to belt out her favorite tunes! She will listen to their local radio station on the way to school each morning, and Isla will often sing along to the latest music.

The video that was shared on Facebook by her proud mom, Alana, has over 339k views from people all over the world. Alana told a local radio station, Cool FM, that she has had comments from people from Spain, and America so far, everyone has been so complimentary of Isla’s rendition. The video has been shared hundred’s of thousand’s of times on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.

Little Isla’s amazing talent has caught the eyes, ears, minds and hearts of so many people, she’s now become a local superstar. Cool FM’s Stuart Robinson certainly couldn’t wait to hear more from Isla, He commented to Isla’s mom, Alana, and the wider audience, “We’re all about the music here at Cool FM, and when it comes to local talent like Isla’s we just had to share it with the world.”

This little one is one to watch, and we wouldn’t be surprised if she becomes an international superstar in the future. Her musical career is just starting, and we’ll certainly be keeping an eye out for future music videos from Little Isla!

If you would like to watch the video you can find it on Cool FM’s website, we highly recommend you go watch it if you need a good pick me up. Isla’s smile is infectious!

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