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Holocaust survivor calls himself ‘the happiest man on Earth’

Eddie Jaku, who is 101 years old, has a century of wisdom and life experience to draw on, and he’s attempting to utilize it to help people see the world more positively.

The self-proclaimed “happiest man on the planet” has a TED Talk and a book about his beliefs. He remarked in his 2019 address that all it takes for him to be happy is a grin from “one sad person.”

Jaku is also a Holocaust survivor, having been born Eddie Jakubowicz in Germany. He said he was “extremely pleased” to reside in the nation to TODAY’s Harry Smith.

“I was under the impression that I was living in Europe’s most civilized, sophisticated, and educated country. And I was born in Germany, raised in Germany, and raised as a Jew at home, “Jaku said.

This chef collaborated with a Holocaust survivor to recreate his childhood dishes. On Nov. 9, 1938, Jaku came home from prep school to an empty house after Nazi soldiers torched temples and destroyed Jewish dwellings, businesses, and other property. He was brought to Buchenwald in the morning, one of the 1st concentration camps to be constructed.

Jaku and his family reconnected, escaped, and went into hiding over the years. They were captured and sent to Auschwitz again in 1943.

“I was eventually taken to Auschwitz, my personal hell on Earth,” Jaku stated. “My parents and sister were sent to Auschwitz as well, and I never saw my parents again.”

During the Holocaust, almost 6 million Jews were murdered. Jaku was sentenced to a “death march” in 1945, but he managed to flee into the forest. In June of that year, he was rescued.

“What I’ve seen so far is fantastic,” Jaku stated. “I tell people this, but they refuse to believe me.”

During the Holocaust, Eddie Jaku endured time in 2 concentration camps before fleeing a “death march” in 1945.

During the Holocaust, Eddie Jaku endured time in 2 concentration camps before fleeing a “death march” in 1945. Jaku told TODAY that he was sad after the war until he met his wife, Flore, and established a family.

“I didn’t imagine I’d have a wife and children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren eighty years ago,” Jaku remarked. “And it’s a good thing.”

Despite his experiences, Jaku stated that he did not hate anyone.

In his 2019 TED Talk, Jaku remarked, “Hate is cancer that may destroy your adversary, but it will also destroy you.”

“There is hope where there is life. You’re done if there’s no more hope, “Added he. Family and friends, according to Jaku, are crucial to that hope.

He stated, “Friendship is priceless.” “Shared grief is half suffering, while shared joy is a double pleasure.”

Jaku has learned that “this life may be lovely if you make it beautiful” during the course of his lengthy existence.

“I talk of happiness; I speak of what life can be,” Jaku explained to Smith. “You’re a multimillionaire if you’re well.”

He expressed his hope that his experience may encourage people to make significant decisions daily.

“I want to make this world a better place for everyone,” Jaku remarked. “I’d like everyone to take a step back and say, ‘We’re here for everyone,'” says the speaker.

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