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‘Hero Cats’: Superheroes are just a Purr Away

Many furry pets have already astonished people all over the globe by showing acts of heroism. It is not uncommon to see videos on the internet showing animals’ bravery and intelligence. People often see dogs rescuing their owners making them known as man’s best friend but this week, we will see cats saving their humans in distress, making them a strong competitor for being man’s best friend.

Tara, the Reigning ‘Hero Cat” Queen

A 4-year-old California boy, named Jeremy Triantafilo, was saved from a distressing unprovoked dog attack by a mellow family cat. The one-minute surveillance video capturing the moment went viral after it was posted online and garnered more than 17 million views on YouTube alone. The Triantafilo family also appeared on TODAY after the video went viral. Jackson Galaxy, a cat behaviorist also the famous host of the television show “My Cat from Hell”, also told TODAY.com that moments such as this is like a Lassie moment for cat-lovers. This also allows the opportunity to study cat’s behavior more and reexamine them. 

Jack, the Clawless Bear Chaser

Jack is a 15-pound cat living in West Milford, N.J. who happened to prove that even without claws, cats still have weapons up their paws. In June 2006, a black bear wandered to his owner’s backyard. The tabby was not happy with this and confronted the bear, scaring it enough to climb up high on a neighbor’s tree. Jack continued to hiss at it and remained at the tree’s base, trapping the bear on the tree for 15 minutes. When the black bear attempted to go down, Jack chased it up again to another tree. The bear was only able to go back into the woods when Donna Dickey, Jacks’s owner, called him back inside the house.

Baby, the fire detector

Some timid cats undergo a radical change instantly when their humans are in danger. This is true for Baby, a 13-year-old tabby. Her owners know her as being timid all her life. On a night in 2010, Baby saved her owners from a fire that started from a back bedroom. When the house was filled with smoke, Baby jumped on Josh Ornberg, her owner, and woke him up in time for him and his wife, who is seven months pregnant with twins, to run out of the burning house. Most of their possessions were destroyed in the fire and made their house inhabitable for a time but the couple was grateful to the ‘hero cat’ that saved their family.

Schnautzie, the tiny protector

Who says kittens can’t be ‘cat heroes?’ Schnautzie was just a little kitten when she did an incredible act of heroism to her owner. It was cold nighttime in October 2007 when a deadly gas leak happened in the home of Trudy Guy, Schnautzie’s owner. This little hero jumped on the chest of her sleeping owner and continuously tapped his nose with her paw. At first, Trudy just dismissed this behavior out of annoyance and went back to sleep.

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