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Five Amazing Stories of Wild Animals Who Saved People lives

Throughout history, domestic animals have been known for saving humans from various dangerous situations. From the quick-thinking Duke, a dog who warned his guardians when their baby needed medical help urgently, to the swift and appropriate actions of Yolanda, a service dog who actually dialed 911 in order to save her visually-impaired person from a house fire. Numerous animal companions have deservedly earned the wholehearted, everlasting gratitude of human friends.

However, it is even more astonishing to discover non-domestic animals, who had little prior human interaction, who rushed into potential danger to rescue humans. You will be utterly amazed by the heart-warming stories of wild animals who, with no apparent reason, intervened to save humans in danger of imminent death.

 Girl Saved from Kidnappers by Three Lions

In June of 2005, a 12-year old girl was kidnapped by four assailants in rural southwest Ethiopia as she was walking home after school. A week after she was abducted, her captors attempted to move her. Police were attempting to rescue her when three lions chased the kidnappers away. 

Moreover, the lions stayed with the distressed girl until the police arrived and brought her to safety. She later told the officers that the kidnappers had beaten her and were possibly trying to sell her into a forced marriage, but the lions had not touched her or attempted to harm her in any way. 

According to Sergeant Wondmu Wedjai,, the lions guarded her until we found her. Then they left her like “a gift” and returned to the forest. People believe this is a miracle since lions normally would attack humans. An Ethiopian expert on wildlife opined that the lions may have spared her because her cries resembled a cub mewing.

Pods of Dolphin Protect Lifeguard and His Family From Attacking Sharks

In 2004, Bob Howes, a lifeguard, was out swimming with his family, near Whangerei, New Zealand, at Ocean Beach. Suddenly, several bottlenose dolphins closed in on them and proceeded to herd them together. Howes remembered that they were behaving very strangely and that they were turning tight circles on them, and using their tails to slap the water. He and Helen, his daughter’s friend, had drifted around twenty meters from his daughter and her other friend when one dolphin swam straight toward them and dove down in the water beside them. Howes checked to see where it would come up, However, he saw a very large grey fish which turned out to be a great white shark swimming around him. It glided in circles and swam toward the other girls. His heart dropped since one of the two was his daughter. He saw the dolphins going ballistic. They then guided the swimmers and protectively circled them for about forty minutes, successfully staving off the shark attack.

Dr. Rochelle Constantine, who is a professor at the Auckland University School of Biological Science, stated that according to her understanding of dolphin behavior, the dolphins were definitely indicating that the sharks were a threat. Dolphins are well-known for helping the helpless. They have an altruistic response to those in trouble, and bottlenose dolphins are particularly known for this type of assistance.

Man Saved by Sea Lion After Jumping From Golden Gate Bridge

Kevin Hines, a California resident, realizes how lucky he is to have survived after he jumped from San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge on September 25, 2000, while enduring a serious episode of mental illness.

Mr. HInes, suffering from psychosis and bipolar disorder, jumped from the bridge. He was 19 years old. Hines realized immediately that he had made a catastrophic mistake. It was a miracle that he survived, although he was severely injured. Somehow, he managed to swim up to the water’s surface. He then bobbed around in freezing waters until he felt something brush his legs. He was afraid it was a shark which would devour him. He tried to punch it, thinking it might bite him. But, the animal circled beneath him, and bumped him up.

Amazingly, a passerby noticed that the animal was a sea lion and immediately phoned for help. A rescue team managed to reach Hines in time to pull him out of the water, but it’s unlikely he’d be alive today if not for the sea lion who managed to keep his head above water.

Woman’s Attacker Chased Away by Deer

A woman was walking in Oxford, Ohio in February of 2012 when she was attacked by a man who dragged her to the back of a building and attempted to use her purse straps to choke her. The man seemed intent on robbing her-or worse-but his plans were thwarted. A heroic deer darted out from under a bush, scaring him off! According to Jon Varley, a police sergeant, who rendered aid to the woman after she was attacked, he could not remember any similar incident in all of his seventeen-year career.

Fortunately, although the woman suffered bruises and red marks, she didn’t need hospital treatment. She also recovered her belongings because of the quick intervention of the unknown deer.

Beavers Save and Comfort Orphaned Boy

A young boy from Ontario, Canada named Rheal Guindon and his parents were on a camping trip. They decided to go fishing. Rheal remained on shore but was alarmed when he saw the boat his parents were in tipped over. Tragically, his parents drowned. He was panic-stricken as he tried to find help in the nearest town. As the sun was setting, he knew he’d be forced to stay outside all night.

Traumatized by his ordeal, he laid on the ground. Then he felt somethin warm and furry press close against him. He thought it might be a dog, and he managed to fall asleep. Upon waking up in the morning, he discovered three wild beavers snuggling against his body. The beavers had protected him from freezing to death due to the below zero overnight temperatures.

These unimaginable stories show that despite typical views of wild animals as pests or threats which are a hindrance to humans, we have much more commonality with animals than we realize, and we are also more dependent on animals than we think. Animals, also, can be compassionate and altruistic. They, too, have frequently intervened to save those who are weaker in the most unpredictable ways and unexpected times. Animals deserve to live their lives freely according to their own instincts.

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